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The power of creating "big moments" in a marketing plan

When creating a marketing plan for your social media calendar, a lot of the content you post will likely be consistent and repetitive (sharing songs, tour announcements/promo, relevant photo/video content, etc), but what about those other unique and special moments? Something that only happens once a year, or very rarely, like an anniversary of an album release, a special performance, or anything else that’s singular.

These “big moments”, while not as repeatable, can make some major waves in your digital presence and catch your fans attention often even more so than your typical day-to-day content.

Here’s an example.

We went into the Immensity system and pulled publicly available data for the band Fleet Foxes (an indie-folk band currently touring for their grammy nominated album Shore) using their Spotify link, we were able to see what platforms were driving the most growth for streaming numbers. (See example)

There was a post on Facebook that was driving their fans to stream their music more than activity on any other platform. On May 3rd, the band made a post celebrating their song appropriately titled, “Third of May”. (The way they phrased this post lead us to believe this is a post they make every year on May 3rd). The real kicker here is that this date also happens to be their guitarists birthday. Having two “big moments” to share, made this post get a lot of engagement which in turn drove their fans to stream their music (most likely the “Third of May” song).

This idea of a unique opportunity falls in line with one of our previous Blog posts about marketing, and how creating a sense of community surrounding your music, can lead to more super fans and more overall engagement. Having a song with a specific date in the title is a big win, it almost becomes a holiday for the band and their community. Coupled with a birthday in the band makes it a knockout piece of content. (Our data really proved that, as all the engagement metrics on that post highly correlated to increased streaming activity).

While this isn’t something you can repeat all the time, identifying this level of performance can really help with planning and promoting. As mentioned above, this content has data driven support for increasing important activity, not just on Facebook or other social platforms, but on streaming platforms. Even if you can’t repeat a moment like this regularly, it’s still important to know that it’s a driver. Predictive analysis will expose opportunities like this where you can create “big moments” over the years.

In other cases predictive analysis will expose a piece of content you can make six more of tomorrow. That’s helpful too, especially for a short term marketing strategy, but in this unique example the band and team are learning about strategic marketing tools they have available to them over the long term.This type of data science that the Immensity system runs gives you insight from both of these angles.

With this approach in mind, what other “big moments” can you celebrate in your content? Some ideas are: songs that relate to specific events, milestones in your career, anniversaries of album/song releases. Whatever it may be, be sure to find those moments in your presence and use them to your advantage as a way to re-engage your fanbase.

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