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Unlocking the Secrets of Audience Growth Impact

Let's dive into an analysis example from the Immensity system and how it can save teams a ton of time.

Take iconic punk-rock band Blink-182 as an example. They recently released new music and embarked on a major reunion tour.

We analyzed their public social/streaming data over a 28-day period using the Immensity system to identify the platform driving the most growth across different areas (Audience, Engagement, Streaming). The results showed that TikTok was the platform driving most of the growth to their fanbase in this time period. In fact, TikTok was responsible for roughly 11% of all new followers gained in this time.

To get even more specific, It was the video on 7/19 of the guitarist, Tom DeLonge, giving away one of his guitars to a young boy in the front row, which got over 2 million views, that caused this impact on audience growth.

What’s interesting is that TikTok wasn’t even their most active platform in this time period. Here’s a breakdown in the month of July:

Twitter: 10 posts (mostly merch promo images)

Instagram: 2 posts (guitar giveaway video and tour recap photos)

TikTok: 2 posts (guitar giveaway video and Travis drum cam video)

Facebook: 1 post (tour recap video)

It’s the TikTok mentioned above that drove more audience growth than 14 other posts. Some of that audience growth on TikTok, and some it on other platforms. The same video was even posted on Instagram and the interaction there didn’t show the same performance.

Now, you might be wondering, "How can you be so sure?" The answer lies in the Immensity system's capabilities. Using AI and analyzing a large amount of metrics, it identifies which ones are more valuable in predicting growth. This advanced technology guides you to specific moments that deserve your attention, allowing you to replicate success and save valuable time.

Rather than searching for insights yourself, Immensity directs you to the areas where you should focus to help artists grow, thanks to the power of machine learning.

Now, imagine what the system could find with ad and sales data! Having a tool like Immensity, leveraging machine learning and data science, can empower you to predict and understand the activities driving growth and ROI. You can stay ahead of the game in your marketing efforts and make informed decisions on how and where to spend your ad dollars.

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