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An explanation of marketing for the arts in five minutes

Ahhh, Marketing. The process of creating a customer. If you have any type of creative outlet and are trying to get people to buy or check out your product, art or brand then…let’s face it, you “do marketing”.

The truth is, marketing is not always easy. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult with everyone fighting for attention online. In this article from Medium, they provide an easy to understand explanation of marketing for the arts. Beyond just posting on social media, running ads, etc, they talk about the value in creating a deep connection with your audience. How to strike a nerve with your customers and create a sense of community so that no matter what, there will always be people talking about and sharing your product independently of you telling them to. The idea is to maintain a grassroots/community based sense of marketing. In addition to all the other high level approaches.

While this is all great advice, one major aspect of marketing that we also feel strongly about directing attention to is data.

As we’ve said before, in most fields (but especially in the music industry), there’s an overwhelming amount of data floating around, from all the social media, marketing and streaming data, it’s challenging to make sense of it in a way will help maximize growth and reach your audience in the most cost effective way possible.

During your marketing efforts, make sure that you’re using proper data science tools, so you can better understand your data and in turn, focus on the right opportunities, pinpoint attribution and get the best ROI on your marketing ad spend.

Be sure to check out some of our previous blog posts on the importance of data science and check out the full article from Medium all about marketing.

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