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Discovering Predictive Content for Continuous Growth

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, navigating the maze of social media platforms can be a challenge for artists seeking to amplify their music streaming. Cracking the code behind the channels driving your fans to stream your music requires time, resources and proper insights.

With each platform having it’s own nuances, targeting the right audience and coming up with engaging content is of course a challenge. As an artist, understanding what exactly gets fans to stream your music from what you’re doing on social platforms can be a lingering question. Discovering the exact platform and content responsible is difficult but not impossible. However, using proper AI and the right tools, it’s possible to pinpoint what platforms and content are actually helping to drive fans to stream your music.

Here’s an example.

We analyzed public social and streaming data for Kurt Vile - a grunge-infused folk rock artist who recently released new music and has been announcing batches of tour dates throughout the year. After running Kurts data through the Immensity system we were able to pinpoint that around 7/14 there was one post getting his fans to stream his music more than other, and it happened to be a tour announcement post on Facebook. Now you might be saying: A tour post? Really?

What’s interesting is that Kurt Vile shared the same post across all his different channels and platforms. The Instagram post even received 10X more likes! (353 likes on Facebook, 3,696 likes on Instagram). It might seem at first glance that Instagram is where the action is, and you’d want to put your energy there since it’s gathering more likes. However, after analyzing the numbers with some machine learning to figure out where the actual relationships are, it can turn out that's not the case. As the revealed by the Immensity system in this case, despite higher likes on other platforms, Facebook was the primary driver for increased streaming growth.

This predictive power emphasizes the significance of Facebook as an important channel that can cause growth and should not be underutilized.

Knowing what channels and what type of content to focus your efforts on not only helps grow engagement and streaming numbers, but it also saves you a ton of time sifting through dashboards and data on each individual channel to maybe find what you’re looking for or often times come up with nothing.

Using a system like Immensity that utilizes proper data science and machine learning can help you reach your audience and increase streams, but save valuable time and resources that can be best spent elsewhere.

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