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The Power of Syndication Across All Social Channels

When utilizing social media as a marketing tool, it can be challenging to determine which content to post on specific channels. In some cases, it makes sense to create channel-specific content that caters to the audience demographics, aesthetic preferences, and format requirements. (For instance, it is known that short-form videos thrive on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels). However, if certain content generates substantial engagement, it can be a strong indicator that it should be syndicated across all other channels.

Here’s an example.

We recently went into the Immensity system and pulled data for Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish. Within minutes, we identified a significant spike inFacebook Page likes on June 22nd, resulting in huge bump in engagement not only on Facebook but on all other platforms. The post revolved around Billie joining Power Our Planet: Live in Paris, an event focused on mobilizing financing to combat climate change. As an artist who actively advocates for environmental causes, this event was a perfect fit for her. Interestingly, around that date, this particular piece of content had not been shared on all other channels. If this type of content serves as a major driver of engagement, it is likely to resonate well across all channels and with her entire audience.

We often see similar patterns with other artists that we analyze data for. When content performs well, it can be an indication that it should be shared on all platforms. Our advice to clients is to recognize these significant moments, as they have the potential to extend beyond a single platform. Can the content be replicated, promoted, or syndicated? In this case, the content could have been utilized on other platforms, rather than solely on Facebook. This could have been an opportunity to extend that cross-platform attribution even further. Using proper data science is crucial for identifying these types of moments and maximizing engagement across all channels.

Don't miss out on valuable opportunities! Utilize data science that leverages machine learning, and ensure content syndication across all channels to amplify engagement and drive success.

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Jun 22

Hello! Please tell me, have you used this screen recorder? I want to make a similar video, but I can’t decide on the program yet. By the way, could you write me a PM, I would ask you a couple of questions regarding your videos.

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