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    Perfect for artists, labels, and teams really trying to grow
    • Get the last 30 days of data analyzed immediately
    • Tailored insights/actions every month for the next 12 months
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    Every month
    Perfect for artists/managers trying to understand their data
    • Get the last 30 days of data analyzed immediately
    • Tailored insights & actionable suggestions every month
    • Dedicated customer service rep

Send us any social, streaming, sales, or marketing data from any time period, and we will run your dataset through our analytics engine to extract insight and help you determine how you can drive sales or audience growth


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Fully customized dashboard and reports designed specifically for you and your team

Access to the Immensity Supervised Learning Algorithm - our proprietary AI/ML-powered algorithm powered by designed to help us predict the specific milestones and actions that will help you reach your audience or sales goals

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Amber Sweeney - Singer, Songwriter

"Immensity is helping me to simplify the overwhelming amount of advice on how to reach my audience online. I love seeing what's working for me across all platforms with data and not just theories. They've been so amazing to work with too. This is not your average tech company. I'm so glad I met these guys. I feel confident that I can stay focused on making great music and still be successful in reaching and growing my audience."

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