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How Immensity can help you promote the right content

Goose (the band) from Norwalk, CT has been one of the fastest rising acts in the jam-band scene and has gone from playing small new england clubs to selling out stadiums in just a matter of a few years.

2022 has been an especially big year for the band with the release of their album Dripfield, collaborations with jam veterans like Trey Anastasio (Phish), Bob Weir (Grateful Dead) and performances on late night TV programs such as Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. With their massive year + of momentum, we were intrigued to analyze their publicly available data in the Immensity system and found some interesting results.

Using data science and machine learning, the system discovered a high correlation/causation with Facebook Talks and Twitter Retweets around 3/8 - 3/9 which caused a spike in streaming activity and fan engagement for the band. After looking at their channels we could see that It was the same exact content that drove those spikes in that time period. The content was kickoff posts for a 5 night run at the legendary Capitol Theatre in NY which included announcements that they will be live streaming the entire run.

These results highlight one of the coolest types of insight that Immensity is able to identify. When you see correlation/causation surrounding two metrics on different platforms happening roughly around the same day, and it is indeed the same content creating those spikes, then you have strong mathematical support of that content being a really good marketing opportunity. This is support that you would not be able to get or identify without Immensity.

This sudden spike in metrics isn’t very surprising for a band in this scene at a well established venue like The Capitol Theatre (a historic venue in the jam scene) so It’s possible that a band or marketing team wouldn’t initially think to boost this type of content. What the Immensity analysis is saying is that there’s a lot of ROI potential around actually promoting that content to maximize growth that could be generated from those announcements.

The Immensity system leverages data science and machine learning and pulls in data from over 20 platforms and show you exactly what online activities are making an impact on audience, engagement or streaming.

Visit the Immensity website to learn more and book a free one-on-one demo with us today to get a full walkthrough of the system and how it works.

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