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An Intelligent Digital Marketing System Designed To Analyze All Of Your Online Data And Predict Which Actions Will Help You Grow Your Streams, Sales, Or Audience

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Major labels and talent agencies have access to intelligent digital marketing tools that allow them to grow their clients' audiences more efficiently. Independent labels, agencies, and creators are left to navigate and interpret data on their own. Until now!


The Immensity System

A Suite Of Marketing Analytics Tools Crafted For Small And Larger Creators


The Immensity Mobile App

The Immensity mobile app allows you to seamlessly consolidate social, streaming, and sales data into one user-friendly Dashboard. Perfect for artists and managers on the go looking for a quick and easy way to monitor data. Download now and get started for free!


The Immensity Marketing Analytics Engine

Simply paste your Spotify Artist URL and we'll pull in data from over 15 platforms. Let several layers of advanced statistical/AI-driven analysis run behind the scenes, and tell you which online activities actually help you grow. Perfect for artists, labels, other rights-holders and teams trying to increase streams or sales.

Female Music Artist

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Amber Sweeney

"Immensity is helping me to simplify the overwhelming amount of advice on how to reach my audience online. I love seeing what's working for me across all platforms with data and not just theories. "



INCREDIBLE...Immensity helps me figure out my next move musically. I was provided with clear data catered specifically to me.


It's time to take control of your online data