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The power of interacting on social media

If you're using social media to promote your brand, creative outlet, or business, chances are you're posting frequently. With the demands of daily marketing schedules and managing various channels, it can become overwhelming. However, amidst the content push, it's crucial not to overlook a simple yet vital aspect of social media marketing: being social. Social media thrives on interaction, and engaging with your audience through likes, comments, and shares is essential, all done in an authentic and genuine manner. Even something as basic as sparking a dialogue with your fans by commenting on your own posts can have a significant impact on growing your audience. Here’s an example.

Let’s take a look at the social media and streaming data of renowned pop/blues artist John Mayer to uncover any interesting insights. Amidst his own music releases and tours, what stood out was his involvement in the final tour of the Grateful Dead all-star group, Dead & Company. By plugging John Mayer's Spotify link into the Immensity system, we discovered the platforms that contributed most significantly to audience growth.

We found that Instagram comments caused increases to his fanbase on or around 6/3. Upon visiting his Instagram page, we noticed a standard post showcasing a show from the Dead & Co tour, where he expressed how enjoyable the tour had been so far. What caught our attention was his comment on his own post:

"How can IG still be so bad at posting both horizontal and vertical photos in the same post? That took as long to post as one of our first sets."

This light-hearted yet sarcastic remark (which he rarely does) generated thousands of comments from people reacting to his thought. By playfully referencing the length of the band's first set (a characteristic of the Grateful Dead), he made a connection with his newfound Grateful Dead audience and based on what we can see via our analytics some of those folks decided to follow him. As demonstrated by this example, even the simplest acts, like commenting on your own post, can get results. So, how can you enhance interactivity on social media? It's crucial to like and respond to fans' comments, creating conversations within your posts. Additionally, consider direct messaging fans to express gratitude when they share your music in their stories. Another effective approach is to reshare fans' content featuring your music, and encourage your audience to engage with one another, building a sense of community and unity around your brand. Above all, remember the essence of social media: be social!

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