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Influencer Marketing for Music: Best Practices

Last week we shared an article about how to measure success with working with influencers. While this article was more broad advice across any industry, today we’re happy to share a guide to influencer marketing for the music industry.

We all know that influencer marketing is a powerful tool to help connect businesses with their target audience, and there’s many ways to achieve success with influencers in the music business.

In this article from GRIN, they discuss who in the music industry can benefit from influencer marketing being record labels, music creation platforms, instrument retailers and musicians. They do a deep dive into each category, how they can benefit and even which platforms work best for influencer marketing, the top 3 being TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Check out the full article to learn about what type of content works best and some actual examples of successful content.

Influencer marketing campaigns can go a long way, but using a tool like Immensity that leverages proper data science can help you understand which campaigns, platforms and content are performing best for you and help save you time and get more return on investment for your efforts.

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