Getting Started

Setting up my Immensity account

Best Practices

Setting up your Immensity account takes less than 5 minutes! Before beginning the setup process, we recommend looking up the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for your band, artist profile, or company in a web browser and making note of the handles or saving the full links somewhere

  1. Download Immensity and open the app

  2. On the Login Screen, click the "Create Account" at the very bottom of your screen

  3. Enter in your first name, last name, email address (this should be your personal email address), and a password

  4. Enter the confirmation code that was sent to your email

    • If you do not see the confirmation code right away, make sure to check all the folders in your inbox​

  5. On this next screen you will set up your inbox so you can consolidate your emails and your FB page messages in one place!

  6. Click the "Continue with Facebook" button, and your Facebook account following the steps that Facebook provides

    • Make sure you check off all the pages you might want to monitor in Immensity on the screen that says "What Pages do you want to use with Immensity?"

    • Make sure to toggle both switches on when you are on the page that says "What is Immensity allowed to do?"

    • This does not let Immensity post to your Facebook page​

  7. Click the "Login with Google" button, and log into the Google account you use for most of your music-related conversations following the steps that Google provides

  8. Enter the handle or link to your band, artist, or company Facebook Page into the field provided

  9. Click "Continue"

  10. On this next page you will finish setting up the rest of your Immensity Dashboard so you can see all your metrics in one place! 

    • If you'd like to skip this step and finish setting up your Dashboard later​, press the "Skip" option up in the top right-hand corner

  11. Enter the handle or link to your band, artist profile, or company Instagram page into the field provided

  12. Enter the handle of link to your band, artist profile, or company Twitter page into the field provided

  13. If you have music on Spotify: 

    • Go into the Spotify mobile app

    • Look up your band or artist name in Spotify and click on your artist page

    • Click on the 3 dots in the top right 

    • Click "Share"

    • Click "Copy Link"

    • Go back into Immensity

    • Paste the link into the field provided

  14. Click "Continue"

Congratulations! You've now set up your Immensity account

Still having trouble?