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The top 10 hits in the US last year accounted for fewer than one in every 200 streams

Check out this article from Music Business Worldwide on how last year's Top 10 Hits accounted for fewer than 1 in every 200 streams. The data shows that the Top 10 biggest hits in the US are becoming less popular.

In comparison, back in 2017 more than one in every 100 audio streams was a Top 10 Hit. This could have something to do with the incredible amount of music being released (100,000 per day) in today's world plus the rapid increase of on-demand song streams (25.6% increase in 2022). This is nice for independent artists as a more diverse group of creators are getting a bigger piece of the overall consumption pie rather than just the small batch of superstars like in past years. 

For more data points on this topic, read the full article here.

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