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The side effects of not having a big data strategy

We talk a lot about data here at Immensity, but what is “Big Data?” you ask? Having a big data strategy is how you can manage, process, document, structure and act upon all the data accessible to you and your company. Every industry has to deal with and make sense of data in a way that is efficient to growing their business. The music business is no exception and in fact, arguably has some of the most complex and hardest data out there to act upon.

To understand more about big data strategies and most importantly the side effects of not properly utilizing one, check out this LinkedIn article by Kavita Ganesan (an AI consultant) where they break it down in relation to the world of AI which as we know thrives on data.

Kavita also talks about the importance of knowing where your data strategy is heading and understanding how to act upon it.

Check out a quote from the piece below and read the full article.

“Not having a big data strategy can become costly in the long run. If you’re not treating your data as a business asset, you’re missing out on the opportunity to make good data-driven decisions and introduce automation with AI.”

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