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The power of festival announcements

The Indie Roots/Rock band Dispatch has been on the rise ever since their official reunion in 2011, ending a 7 year hiatus. Over the years they’ve logged nationwide tours, recorded new albums, added new band members and garnered spots on major festivals across the country, including their own festival in Mexico (“Only The Wild Ones” started in 2022).

We noticed that Dispatch had recently announced two festivals this month (“Catbird” at the historic Woodstock site + this years Mexico fest) and we were interested to see how the announcements impacted their digital growth metrics. So we plugged in their publicly available data into the Immensity system and let it run it’s magic.

What we found was that Facebook made more of a statistical impact on both audience growth and streaming activity compared to any other platform. We discovered that it was Facebook Talks specifically (which is a measurement of Facebook engagement) that had a higher correlative/causal impact to increases in both audience growth and streaming activity compared to any other metric. There was a notable increase in Facebook Talks around 3/6 - 3/8 that really made these correlations/causations happen. By looking at the data and the band's Facebook posts on those specific dates, we can conclude that it was those two festival announcements that caused this increase in Facebook Talks.

Not only does this tell us that Facebook is a high impact channel for this band, but it shows us that a strong festival announcement can create bumps in important areas for an artist, like growing their audience and increasing steaming activity. We also learn that there is a strong marketing opportunity around these types of announcements. Sinking a little bit of ad spend into an announcement like this has a high potential for ROI.

In addition, festival promotors could benefit from this type of data in their planning stages as a way to determine what platforms are best for artists to boost their announcements. In doing so, they have the potential to drive more attention to their festival and get the highest return on ad spend.

The Immensity system leverages data science and machine learning and pulls in data from over 20 platforms and show you exactly what online activities are making an impact on audience, engagement or streaming.

Visit the Immensity website to learn more and book a free one-on-one demo with us to day to get a full walkthrough of the system and how it works.

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