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Spotify’s new design is part TikTok, part Instagram, and part YouTube

Incase you haven’t heard, Spotify recently announced a major redesign to their app, introducing a more social media-like scrolling interface similar to Instagram and TikTok. Users will now be able to discover more content in their feeds relevant to their favorite artists and musical tastes.

With more short form video content featured on the app, Spotify becomes an even more dedicated space for creators to thrive. With this change, it will undoubtedly make short form video integral for every release. Check out an excerpt below about the new AI-driven Smart Shuffle feature and read more about the Spotify redesign via the full article on The Verge.

“The other new thing you may notice in Spotify is more personalized AI. The Smart Shuffle feature, which temporarily adds tracks to your existing playlists, is supposedly an improvement on the “just for you playlist” idea Spotify has been working on for years — and don’t forget DJ, the AI spinning records and hosting your own personal radio show”.

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