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Machine Learning: How It Can Improve Your Social and Streaming

Let’s talk about Predictive Analysis (a branch of machine learning) What is it? Simply put (in a way that makes sense for music professionals) it’s a tool you can use to figure out your best next move in the world of social media and digital marketing with data-driven mathematical support.

Predictive analysis is proactive. Using historical data combined with machine learning, you can take a deep look into past and present data to help you determine potential future outcomes. Large companies outside of the music industry have been employing predictive analytics for years to find patterns and relationships in their massive datasets to identify potential risks and opportunities.

A common example for a large enterprise might be something like this:

“My goal is to drive daily active users. Is there any relationship between my company’s website traffic anddaily active users? If so, is that historical relationship significant enoughfor it to continue into the future? Looks like it is, now we have one tool wecan use amongst several others to push our daily active user count up”.

Artists and teams are constantly left wondering things like “what’s the best next move on social media”, or they’re left looking at a ton of graphs and data with no idea what to make of it. With modern data science and predictive analytics, similar to the example mentioned above, you don’t need to sit around wondering.

You are able to finally understand how activities on one platform can cause changes on other platforms and how to leverage that information to create a strategy to increase streams, audience, engagement and get maximum ROI from your time and ad budget.

Let’s look at a real example of how predictive analytics can be used for an artist.

We went into the Immensity database of millions of artists and in minutes pulled in social media and streaming data from over 20+ platforms for indie-pop band Japanese Breakfast. Japanese Breakfast (fronted by Korean-American singer Michelle Zauner) has had a major boost in their career over the past few years. With their critically acclaimed, 2x grammy nominated album “Jubilee” and Zauner’s NYT bestselling novel “Crying in H Mart” they’ve had their share of success and spotlight these days.

When looking at the results, it was clear to see that a spike in Facebook Engagement was a high performing activity and was causing growth across their entire digital presence - audience, engagement and streaming.

For a lot of artists, growth is attributed to a wider variety of platforms and metrics. So to see that Facebook Engagement were the primary driver of growth in all three areas was very intriguing. It was Facebook Engagement around 3/13 - 3/20, specifically two posts, were driving interaction across many other platforms, not just Facebook.

One post sharing a photo of Michelle and Conan O’Brien from a recent interview and an announcement post that Will Sharpe (From The White Lotus series fame) will be directing the Crying in H Mart film adaptation.

So now it’s evident that there is a clear marketing opportunity for this artist not only on Facebook but around this content specifically. With proper data science it’s predicted that using this content as a source for duplicated, syndication or promotion there’s potential for better performance and more ROI than other options.

What’s interesting here is that Facebook as a platform can often be overlooked. A lot of labels and teams we speak to don’t think of Facebook as a tool to drive consumption.

Our system was able to extract this major opportunity for Japanese Breakfast on this platform, and therefore predict that they should be focusing more marketing efforts on Facebook going forward. If you’re not using this type of analytics you are at a disadvantage and at risk of missing out on potential opportunities.

Predictive analytics is indeed the way of the future and is no doubt one of the most important tools you can use in digital marketing.

By utilizing this type of analysis, any artist or team will know what to expect based on past patterns and will have a leg up on managing marketing campaigns and other areas of their digital presence.

The Immensity system leverages data science and machine learning and pulls in data from over 20 platforms and show you exactly what online activities are making an impact on audience, engagement or streaming.

Visit the Immensity website to learn more and book a free one-on-one demo with us today to get a full walkthrough of the system and how it works.

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