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Immensity Analysis Example: Lionel Richie

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

With a new season of American Idol starting, we were curious to see how content surrounding the season premiere may be impacting one of the judges digital presence. So we plugged-in Lionel Richies publicly available data into the Immensity system. As the Immensity system does, it uses data science to find what platforms and metrics are actually impacting growth. The results show that TikTok followers had the strongest correlation/causation to fan engagement compared to any other online metric and that his TikTok profile likes had the strongest correlation/causation to increased streaming activity than any other metric.

The most notable increase gained in both of these metrics was around 2/20/23 - 2/22/23 aligning perfectly with not only the actual American Idol premiere, but a TikTok video Richie released, promoting the premiere and helping to excite the fanbase.

After looking at these results, we're able to conclude that one TikTok post helped facilitate an increase in both TikTok Followers and Profile Likes, which in turn played a major role in bumping both fan engagement and streaming activity across the fanbase.

After 21 seasons, it’s amazing to see that content surrounding a show like American Idol is still making a mathematically sound impact on growth for the artists involved.

If we were their marketing team, this is definitely some content we would be duplicating, sharing across other platforms, or promoting, as the data is saying that it’s already helping engage the audience and increase activity across DSPs, which therefore makes it a marketing opportunity with the high potential for ROI.

The Immensity system leverages data science and machine learning and pulls in data from over 20 platforms and show you exactly what online activities are making an impact on audience, engagement or streaming.

Visit the Immensity website to learn more and book a free one-on-one demo with us to day to get a full walkthrough of the system and how it works.

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