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How Generative AI Can Transform ‘Functional Music’ Into an Artist-Driven Experience

Check out this article from Billboard with an interesting perspective on the world of generative AI. Guest writer Oleg Stavitsky (CEO of Endel - a sound wellness company that utilizes generative AI and science-backed research) shares his thoughts about generative AI in the realm of “functional music” which is music that people consume in a specific environment such as reading, meditation, sleep, studying etc.

Much of this music consists of ambient, background sounds that are mostly abstract. Oleg’s vision is if popular music created by real people could be transformed (using AI) into these different sub-genres of relaxation and background music so that the familiar melodies are in tact, the song is better suited for these environments and functions.

In our minds, this sounds like a similar concept to how artists release an instrumental version of a song so that it’s a strong contender for a licensing catalog or background music in commercials. Our team agrees with Oleg’s argument that this could be a way for AI to help artists and labels win back market share from these types of more generalized white noise and soundscape playlists.

Read the full article to learn more.

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