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Growth opportunities might be where you least expect

Like we’ve said in the past, if you’re someone who works in the music industry who’s trying to grow their audience online and you’re not using proper data science, you’re missing out on major opportunities!

There’s an overwhelming amount of social media, marketing and streaming data surrounding every artist. It’s impossible for anyone to process and make sense of it (especially if you’re dealing with an entire roster) in a way that will help truly maximize growth as effectively as possible.

With proper data science, you can see what platforms are actually performing well (and poorly) when it comes to driving growth in certain areas.

Here’s an example.

We went into the Immensity database of millions of artists and in minutes pulled in publicly available social media and streaming data from over 20+ platforms for Icelandic superstar Björk. (Who recently released a new album and put on an innovative and mesmerizing performance at Coachella).

This breakdown you see in the image below is a screenshot from the Immensity system showing what platforms actually did increase streaming activity(and which ones did not) for Björk.

When looking into her dataset, we noticed that from April 3rd - 30th Twitter was causing more streaming activity than other platforms. What’s interesting about this is that her fanbase on Twitter is smaller than other platforms. (Twitter: 851k - Instagram: 1.7M - Facebook: 3M).

We see cases like this all the time. An artist may have a smaller fanbase on one platform compared to others, but that small fanbases interaction still causes more audience growth or streaming activity than the larger fanbase. Twitter is often one of those platforms! Soundcloud is also another strong example. Artists have large followings on Instagram and TikTok and smaller followings on Twitter and Soundcloud but in this case it’s the Twitter and Soundcloud followings that are actually impacting growth.

It wouldn’t be uncommon for a team to be spending time and money where they have the larger follower base. It’s not that you shouldn’t spend time and money on those platforms, for instance if you have a lot of followers on TikTok and Instagram, do something with those platforms!

At the same time, if you’re really trying to increase streaming activity, even though the follower base is big, it may not be the best place to spend your money. It’s possible you could get more ROI in the form of increased streaming activity by spending on other platforms. In the case of Björk, this is what we’re able to identify.

The Immensity system leverages data science and machine learning and pulls in data from over 20 platforms and show you exactly what online activities are making an impact on audience, engagement or streaming.

Visit the Immensity website to learn more and book a free one-on-one demowith us today to get a full walkthrough of the system and how it works.

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