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Fewer DIY artists generated over $10k on Spotify in 2022 than they did in 2021

In the world of digital music, it should be easier than ever for independent artists to earn revenue from creating and distributing their music on streaming platforms like Spotify.

According to the recent numbers reported by Spotify, that’s not the case.As the data shows, In 2022, the number of DIY artists who generated over $10,000 in streaming royalties declined. In 2021, 15,140 DIY artists earned more than 10k, and in 2022 it was 14,700.

There could be multiple factors with the down turn, like major record labels monopolizing playlists with their artists, indie artists not being able to keep up in the marketing space to drive fans to stream their music, and the sheer amount of new content pulling listeners in so many different directions. Whatever the reason may be, we hope to see that number rise in the coming years.

Listen to the latest podcast by Music Business Worldwide to hear more on the data here.

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