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A fake track generated by AI racked up over 250k plays on Spotify before it was taken down

We all know that the AI genie is out of the bottle, but here’s a shocking and controversial way it’s began to penetrate the music industry. Someone on TikTok has used AI to make a Drake song feat. The Weeknd, and banked over 250k plays on Spotify.

A lot of interesting questions arise when thinking about how tech like this will impact artists, labels and rights holders. Could AI devalue the idea of a superstar artist or celebrity?

The harsh reality is, this technology is moving faster than anyoneexpected. Fueled by curiosity and economics, it’s not going to stop. Music industry leaders need to figure this out, asap! We need regulations to ensure copyright owners are compensated properly for use of their material. There needs to be other regulations in place so artists aren’t harmed by this technology. We can't be left behind by rapid technical advancement like what's happened to the music industry in the past, and we must act now.

On the upside, there is a lot of potential to empower creators and open up new methods of creating art and we need to find a balance that showcases the potential of AI technology but doesn’t put artists at risk.

The record labels are indeed fighting this, and they will have to embrace it to some extent, but they also need to make sure they don’t exploit this technology. (For example, using AI to own claim to an artists voice and likeness after their contract ends).

While AI can be a powerful tool, we believe it should be used responsibly and in favor of helping artists and not stealing their identities. We’re anxious to see where this technology will head and what practices will be in place to protect artists and teams in the music industry.

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