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Increase Your Audience,
And Streams

An Intelligent

Digital Marketing Solution

For Music Professionals

These days, major record labels and talent agencies use advanced tools and data analytics to grow their clients audience. Meanwhile, independent artists are left to navigate digital marketing data all on their own.


Immensity Marketing Analytics is here to help.

We answer the question:

"What am I doing on social media that is actually

helping me gain more fans and streams?"

Try it free for a week!

How it works


Connect Spotify

Sign up and add your Spotify Artist URL and we'll pull in data from over 15 different social media, merch and streaming platforms


Instant Analysis

Get analysis into your last 30 days of data right away

Our system is built to expose important trends in your dataset



Discover which metrics are impacting overall streaming growth and important streaming numbers directly


Get Custom Insights

Receive customized Insights on how to interpret the data, and what actions you should take on exactly how to grow your streams, sales and audience more efficiently

As mentioned in


Hayden Grove

"I'm not a numbers guy, but they make it so easy to digest my information. I now know when to post, what to post, and how to post, instead of just going in blind"



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Start by connecting your Spotify Artist profile,
and we'll do the rest.
It's that simple.

Loved by over 10,000 Musicians

This company has filled a MUCH NEEDED gap in the realm of the independent music industry. Major label artists all have the luxury of having a team that analyzes numbers and helps them grow... and now independent artists with a budget can have that too!

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Katia Svarovskaia

Immensity is helping me to simplify the overwhelming amount of advice on how to reach my audience online. I love seeing what's working for me across all platforms with data and not just theories. 

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Amber Sweeney

INCREDIBLE...Immensity helps me figure out my next move musically. I was provided with clear data catered specifically to me.



Immensity gave incredible insight into what produces the most streams for our band. It has helped us streamline the process of generating views, likes, streams, etc.

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Hear more from an
Immensity team member

Key Features
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Are you ready to discover which online activities actually help you grow your streams, sales, or  fanbase?

Start your 7 Day Free Trial and take control of your data today! 

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