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Increase Your Audience,
Fan Engagement
And Streams

Easy-to-understand analytics that tell you exactly which platforms and social media activities are helping you grow and engage your fanbase

Powerful Data Science, Simplified

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The Immensity system pulls in audience metrics from across your digital presence. 


Fans, Followers, and Subscribers from every major social and streaming platform 


The system runs advanced analysis behind the scenes to figure out what platforms and actions are actually impacting on this audience data.

From there all you have to do is look a simplified list telling you what platforms and metics to focus on, and the type of content you should be posting or promoting.


Do the same with Fan Engagement, or Streaming numbers.

Immensity also pulls in

Engagement metrics

(views, likes, comments, shares)

Streaming metrics

(monthly listeners, playlist reach, chart events)


This will help you understand what’s impacting these data sets as well.


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Key Features
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Katia Svarovskaia

Artist Manager

This company has filled a MUCH NEEDED gap in the realm of the independent music industry. Major label artists all have the luxury of having a team that analyzes numbers and helps them grow... and now independent artists with a budget can have that too!

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Take control of your data today


Jeff Vance

Artist Manager / Band Leader

I’ve been working with the Immensity team for the past year now, I can honestly say from the IT team, and the rest of the staff, I have received world class, top-notch attention. The data analysis and access to real time info has given me years worth, if not, decades of insight into my brand and its growth. Immensity is the best of the best.

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