Immensity FAQ

What is Immensity?

Immensity is a mobile app designed to help artists and managers analyze data, collaborate, and optimize their digital presence .

What are Immensity's core features?

Immensity has 3 core features -

  1. A Dashboard that consolidates data from your social media and streaming channels, trends that data over time, and shows you your top performing assets on each platform

  2. A Messages screen that allows you to chat and share files with your bandmates or anyone else on your team

  3. An Insights screen that provides actionable insight into how you can optimize your digital presence 

How much does Immensity cost?

Immensity is free for one account, and you can upgrade to Immensity Premium for $10.99/month and have up to 10 accounts plus our other premium features.

How does Immensity calculate its Total Revenue Estimation?

Total Revenue estimations are calculated by combining your Twitch Subscription Revenue and an estimation of the revenue your music has generated on Spotify.


The amount of revenue that you actually collect will depend on the deal you and Spotify have with your label or distributor, what percentage of the rights you own, and several other factors. 

The amount displayed is a result of total streams and our own calculations, based on average payouts artists receive per Spotify stream. For a more accurate revenue calculation please consult your PRO, label, or distributor. 
All revenue presented in app is USD. 


Our goal is to add more revenue streams to this calculation and continuously improve it’s accuracy. If you have feedback contact us here.  

How long does it take for Immensity to complete my integration with Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform on my Immensity Dashboard?

Integration time will depend on your ​wifi connection, the platform you are integrating with and the status of their system, as well as several other factors. If your integration is taking too long, try closing and re-launching the Immensity mobile app.

How do I integrate my Facebook and Instagram data?

After you have signed up for Immensity and created an account​, scroll down on your Immensity Dashboard and click on the (+) button in the top right-hand corner of the Facebook card. From there, Facebook will walk you through the integration process and you can choose a Facebook Page you would like to monitor in your Immensity account. You must be an admin on a Facebook Page in order to monitor it in the Immensity app. 

For more information on becoming an admin on a Facebook Page, visit here

You must complete your Facebook integration before you can add an Instagram page.  

Once your Facebook integration is complete, scroll down on your dashboard and click on the (+) button in the top right-hand corner of the Instagram card. You will be shown a list of the Instagram pages you can start monitoring in your Immensity account. Your Instagram page must be connected to the Facebook Page you have chosen for this Immensity account, and it must be an Instagram Business Account.


For more information on connecting a Facebook and Instagram page, visit here.  

For more information on setting up an Instagram Business Account, visit here.  

Why are some of my metrics displaying as zero or not matching up with what I see on the actual platform? 

Each platform the Immensity app integrates with provides data to third party applications like Immensity at varying intervals. 

We pull data as often as we can, but sometimes new data is not available when requested.

Please note it could take 24 hours or longer for some of your metrics to update. 

Do you provide technical support?

Yes! We are working diligently to build a support section on our website, but in the meantime please feel free to send any support requests to